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5 Necessary Ingredients for Therapist Websites

It isn’t enough these days for therapists to simply have a website marking you as a professional, it needs to draw in your ideal clients and act as a marketing tool and business development tool. There are several important aspects to consider when creating your online presence.


Create a therapist website that has an updated feel and looks professional. This is a marker of who you are as a professional therapist and clients won’t be attracted to a poorly designed website. It may seem like a bargain to go with the cheapest therapist website designer but it will affect your bottom line. Making the investment in a website is making an investment in you. A clean design is the key. You want your clients to land on your website and immediately read your content and make a connection with you. You don’t want them to get stuck on visuals that distract from the feeling and connection you are trying to create.


Clients are often anxious, desperate, confused, and lost. If they land on your website and read your credentials, bio/ approach, they may be turned off. They want to land on something that speaks to them and the issues they are experiencing. They need to feel connected to what you write and that connection, and knowing, will enable them to make a call. If they feel like you ‘get’ their problem and that your vibe fits with theirs, you can be guaranteed they will call and make that first appointment. So leave your personal information for your ‘About’ page and focus the site on attracting potential clients.


This is often hard for some therapists to realize when they identify themselves as blank slates, able to treat a host of problems. In reality, all therapists have a passion – certain clients who really speak to them and who they look forward to seeing more than others. With a little introspection, you can begin to develop a niche and gear your site toward that niche. There are way too many therapists out there doing what you do. To attract clients and have a full practice you need to set yourself apart from the pack and create a focus.


The best form of website to attract clients and keep them returning is to add a blog to your website (and it’s great for SEO). Blog posts are short useful pieces of information that clients can use to improve their lives, help them on their healing journey, and most importantly, get to know you! This can be scary for ‘old school’ therapists who were taught NOT to advertise but in the days were most people find professionals online, it is a necessary step for clients to feel like you can help them.


This is so important. If you want a chance at getting found in search, you can’t just have a website built and leave it there. You also need to focus on Search Engine Optimization while building the website, and after. The main ways to do this are creating your niche, writing copy toward that niche (keywords), and updating your site often so the search engines find it relevant. Additionally, a blog really works here. Every time you make a post you can optimize it for search and work towards getting your website found.

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