Why Choose Ellen?

I am a Psychotherapist, Creative, Writer, and Business Woman.


Therapy Sites, Therapy Websites, Therapy Templates, Websites for TherapistsI began my journey as a therapist over a decade ago and realized that I enjoyed the business side of things as much as the therapy side.  I built a group practice of Marriage and Family Therapists in NYC, (Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy), and I developed a flair for online marketing and website building.

Just as the therapist part of me deeply enjoys journeying with clients through healing and transformation, I have found equal fulfillment helping therapists on their journey of becoming a business owner. A large part of that, especially in the information age in which we live, is the piece most therapists need – a website! My artist part discovered how to put it all together.

While therapy is an art, I’ve awakened the artist within through web development and the creation of advertising/marketing materials. I get immense fulfillment out of helping entrepreneurs like myself create an online presence, support and resource their business, and show their professional side to the world.


What Makes Me Different From Other Website Creators/ Builders?

I’m a therapist too, so I KNOW your business! I have LIVED what you are living, and have probably felt all the same fears, pressures, and trepidations. I know how to coherently bring your therapist voice to life online and I know how to maintain professionalism and ethics. I can help you structure your work in a clear way that clients will connect with and I can create/ design a look and feel which represents your authenticity and presence as a therapist.

We co-create your website – it’s an ORGANIC PROCESS: When you hire an IT person to design your website, what typically happens is that you need to create all of your content ahead of time, and deliver it to your designer in one coherent package. Your designer will then build your website, and usually offers one round of editing after that.  This just doesn’t work for therapists!

I understand how difficult it is to structure and define your ‘craft’ and deliver it onscreen in a digestible way. Also…most of my clients don’t really know what they want to feature when we start our project. Our process looks something like this:

  • An initial 1 hour talk about your work to define your niche (s), what you want to feature, your style, feel, orientation, etc. This gives me an initial vision.
  • You spend some time gathering photos and going through websites to give me your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ to further create the vision.
  • You start to create your content and send items to me as you create them. I take it in, and go through my own internal process of really ‘getting’ who you are as a person and therapist.
  • If you are having a hard time writing, or defining your work, we can do a few sessions to help you.
  • I begin to create the website focusing on the home page to ensure we feature/ highlight your work in a way to grab your ideal client.
  • We co-create the rest of the pages, as the rest of the content is created by you. My experience as a therapist helps here. I’ll give feedback as needed and help with suggestions on how to describe things, structure, etc.
  • Once we have it all up, THEN we do a final round of editing.

This is sacred work – I know that! and I can help you with this next step in your life.