Beautiful Therapist Website

Beautiful Therapist Website

If you want your online presence to represent the artistry and sacred ground of your work, a beautiful therapist website that draws your ideal clients in and moves them is important.

I have been in private practice for over a decade and I viscerally understand the sacredness of the work. The process of defining what you do and putting it out to the world can seem like an arduous task. When held with sacredness, and symbolism of who you are, we can create something beautiful together that you can stand behind and promote to the world.

Why You Need a Beautiful Therapist Website

It used to be that the first phone call would be the entry into a therapeutic relationship,and that first phone call could determine if clients schedule, and show up for a first appointment. In this age of information, your website can be the first exposure a client has to you. Your website can determine if a client decides to call you.

Your website is the first chance you have to connect with clients. Not only do you want to show potential clients a professional website, you also want to give them a taste of who you are. Please do not go for prebuilt website designs which write content for you and provide stock photos. Your website is an extension of your therapeutic presence and voice. It needs to be unique to who you are and represent what is beautiful about your work.