Psychotherapy Website Design Package

Psychotherapy website designMy unique approach to psychotherapy websites design is rooted in who I am as a person and therapist. I have  a knowing of how to take the essence of your presence and create it into an online package that you can ethically stand behind and WANT to promote and get out to the world.  I created my first website in 2001 when I entered into private practice. I was able to build a thriving counseling center from my online efforts. Over a decade later, I bring to you what I have learned with hope that you can thrive in private practice as well. I have also created a website and blog to support my consultation practice and offer posts on all topics of being in business. Please check it out ~



Psychotherapy Website Design Package ~ What’s Included Platform: WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world and many companies now use it for their business websites because the power in search is unmatchable. Search engines love it and index sites fairly quickly. Its easy to use, manage, and update yourself. I will build your website and you have the option to manage it going forward.

Domain and Ownership: You own your website! If you don’t currently have a host and domain, I provide instructions on how to go about that. If you want me to continue to have administrator rights and update/make changes to your website going forward, I can do this for you. The added cost is based on work involved and charged as we go.

Creating the Vision: I will help you create a vision of your private practice website. Some therapists want to showcase themselves individually on their website while others want to create a ‘brand’. Its all about how you want to show yourself to the world and what clients you want to draw in, and I can help you with this.

We spend a full hour talking about the vision and going through other websites so you get a feel for how you want to present yourself. This is difficult for many therapists and I can help you package your work into something presentable, that represents the essence, and authenticity of your work.

Content: The content for your website needs to be generated by you so it represents your voice. I can help you clarify what you want to say, and I will give you guidance on how to write your content so it speaks to the consumer.

Images: I have an account with for images and I spend time finding the perfect images for YOU, that capture the feel, essence, and tone that you want to present. You can choose from photos of nature, people, cities, or paintings and illustrations/art.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): I optimize relevant pages on your website for search. Together, we will determine what keywords and phrases match your specializations and I will optimize your website to give it the best potential for search. Ranking on the first few pages organically, when someone searches for keywords, is a long-term and sometimes arduous process. My optimization of your website does not guarantee first page rankings (although many are and get there quickly)…it provides the needed foundation to get you there.

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Different Packages Have Different Costs

The packages are priced based upon the amount of time it takes me to create them. I know that most therapists have a small marketing budget and we can work with that. I can not give you an estimated price until we determine what your website will feature.

Customized WordPress Website ~ $2500 + (avg.)

  • Up to 9 pages with a blog feature that has up to 3 posts
  • Search Engine optimization

Small, Customized WordPress Website ~ $2,000 (avg.)

  • This includes up to 5 pages
  • Search Engine optimization

One-Page Website ~ $1500 (avg.)

  • Upper level menu links to areas on the same page.
  • Includes all features of a regular website
  • Search Engine optimization

*****Please inquire about a payment plan if needed

Added Tutorials~ $150/hour

This option is fantastic for therapists who want the ability and control to create pages and posts in the future, and make their own updates. WordPress is very easy to use once you are shown the basics. If you don’t want anything to do with your website when we are finished then this option is not for you. Tutorial: Once the project is complete, I will do a 1-hour tutorial session as a part of the basic website package, but some people want more. To go through all parts of the ‘back-end’ of your website and I show you how to add pages, posts, and make updates. Where all the settings are for look, social settings for if/when you decide to promote your website on facebook, linked in, twitter, etc. Experientially, we walk through all the components you will need going forward.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial: I can spend an hour with you on an in-depth training of how SEO works, and how to generate content and posts for search. I will provide you with the information you need to know to continue to focus on SEO after our project is complete so you can work toward increasing your page rankings.


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