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May the sacredness of your work bring light and renewal
to those who work with you, and to those who see and receive your work.

~ John O’Donahue

Ellen Gregory, LMFT Website Design

Ellen Gregory, LMFT Website Design


I’ve always had a creative spirit, a caged spirit perhaps. My creativity didn’t translate to art or painting. Creative writing and music were prior outlets. Problem solving and entrepreneurship also became creative outlets. I was the first MFT to create a corporation and training site in NYC to meet the demands of a growing profession. For years, this fed that spirit.

I built my first website in 2001 for my therapy practice. I created a niche (anger management), targeted that niche, and was able to build a solid practice right out of grad school and spent the next 5 years focusing on developing myself clinically. During that time, the Marriage and Family Therapy profession in NYC was close to non-existent. We fought and were granted a professional license at the end of 2006. We faced a growing profession with no where to place therapists in training.


In 2006 an amazing mentor entered my life. Someone whose impact would be a felt presence far to many years ahead to count. Together, we decided to create a safe, contained training site for MFTs where they could develop fully into spiritually grounded, clinically sound therapists. We spent 10 years enveloped in this sanctuary.

As we shepherded new therapists on this journey of self-discovery, it also became my journey. I realized that what inspired me, and fed my spirit was the development of the practice, development of our clinicians, and launching our clinicians into their own private psychotherapy practices.

Around this time, we needed a new website to reflect our training site. This was a grueling process. I hired several website designers who all wanted to push me into their idea of what the site ‘should’ look like and ‘should say’. I felt unseen, and misunderstood. I felt like they had no capacity to understand the depth of our profession. Thankfully a rock-star artist friend (literally) of mine came to the rescue and built us a great website.

This lasted a few years until we needed another one and he wasn’t available. After a frustrating experience of IT people having no idea how to capture the depth of our work, or create a safe space, I decided I was going to make my own. I remember this time! It was fun and exciting. I taught myself wordpress.

When I announced our new website fiends and colleagues contacted me asking for the designer and I said it was me! A friend asked if she could pay me to build her a website and I said yes.


The light bulb went off. I was going to build a website design business where my focus is website design for psychotherapists, counselors, and healers.  I remember that day!

And I did. I took all my experience on intake hearing clients say how our website, and what we said, was the reason they called. I used my experience watching how our therapists developed their unique voice, and use that in my work when therapists are stuck, and don’t know what to say. I use my 15 years experience building a thriving group practice that was all private pay, and I consult with my website clients on how to launch themselves after they have a presence online.

I’m writing this at the end of 2017 with 160 websites (about) under my belt. I’ve ended my clinical work and closed my physical office space. My staff has moved on – I miss them.  I do have another company I’m trying to grow – check out Postpartum Project.  If you provide services to new mothers and fathers then Postpartum Project is what you need!